WowMaelstrom 2.4.3 - RC3 – Отличный мультичит для WoW

WowMaelstrom 2.4.3 - RC3 – Отличный мультичит для WoW

Рабочий чит для World Of Warcraft

- Спидхак
- Бег по воде
- Телепортация
- Смена фракций
- Ползанье по вертикальным скалам
- Левитация/Полет
- При падении не отнимаются ХП
- Даёт возможность использовать нестандартные модели и карты в игре
- и много чего еще!

Скачать!(~1,36 Mb)

Вот описание с официального сайта:

What is WowMaelstrom?
Maelstrom is free all in one cheat / hack tool / trainer
for World of Warcraft.

It’s based on the ever popular WoW Emulator Hacker,
but, with a bunch more features. Hoot!

What can it do?
Well, loads really..

Let you climb vertical surfaces.

No Fall Damage,

Air Ctrl/Air Brakes: Walk in mid air,
kills all momentum (i.e. stops you from falling),
de-roots you, and allows you to control Windriders :)

Tele to Plane: Warp slightly below the ground,
where you can’t be seen/attacked.

MegaJump/Fall: Jump 10 times higher, fall 10 times

Speeeed: Speeds *everything up* doubletime.

Disable AFK: As it says, prevents you being marked

Model Haxx: Lets you use hacked/custom models,
and load corrupt maps.

Warp Hack: Allows you to warp on servers with cheat
detection. I.e. no disconnect. Also allows you to
use speedhacks on these servers.

Repop Req’: Die and respawn! No armor penalty!

Levitate: Hover about the ground, for a giggle.

Flight: Fly (swim) in the air, like a little froggy.

WaterWalk : See bible for details

Slowfall: Like the potion

Show levels: Show levels of *all* mobs/bosses/npc
players, etc.

Faction: Choose from a list of a few hundred factions
to be.

Tracking: Hunter style tracking, players, beasts, all,
treasure, herbs, etc.

Nudge/Blink: Allows you to warp slightly while
noclipping in any direction, however far you want.

Speed: Set individual forward/back/swim/fly speeds,
Then lock them to avoid roots, etc.
(Can be used on servers with cheat detect)

Scale: Change your player scale!
Gravity: Change the gravity level :D

Warp control:
Warp to specified coords,
Warp to Target
(view target’s coords& hide target)
Warp to last location.
9 quickwarp locations.

Load and save bookmarks,
share them with friends, to
warp to!

Awesomefantastic Key binding interface
Changes take effect immediately

And finally:
Your very own notepad! Load and save notes!

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  1. норм чит

  2. Очень понравился этот пост. Можно я у себя на блоге часть размещю? Естественно, обратную ссылку поставлю.

    С уважением, Тимур.

  3. Конечно можно :)

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